The Big Bat LiDAR Project 2018

Lets start this with a giant thank you to the Cleveland Science Fund. Their generous grant covered everything but the toilets. They paid the equipment rental and the training. I stand in awe of the caver volunteers who work around the clock to collect this data. Cavers show up every year and do the most selfless work to make this project run. The gratitude I have for their efforts runs deep. They are why caving is in my heart. More thank yous go out to Precision Products in Louisville Kentucky for even renting to us again. Eric Muncy has championed this project from the beginning. Our biggest debt goes to Ben Shinabery with QK4 Engineering. Ben gave us a first class underground LiDAR training again this year. He and QK4 warehouse our data and provide software to post process the LiDAR files. QK4 and The Big Bat LiDAR Project took a big hit when Paige Wilson left both to further her education in Canada. While I miss her dearly I am glad that she was able to use this project and caving to further her education and career. She has done and will continue to do great things for the creatures that live in the caves. This year we collected six tenths of a mile of data. We were able to close the Eastern Loop. The survey started in the Helectite Room and ended at Keyhole Bravo at Room 1. This is the first loop closure for the project and we are looking forward to seeing how close we are able to get. Tim Miller and crew ran an extra long shift to get this last piece put together. The above ground part of the project is just as important as the underground.  Roger Lyons and the Lyons family are kind enough to let us camp anywhere on his farm and park anywhere in the family cemetery during the project.  Most of Kentucky caving is reliant on our private landowners so thank you to the Lyons Family and all landowners that share their land with cavers.  I would like to thank the Kentucky Karst Conservancy Board, Tim Miller, Stephanie Stoops, Lore Berglund and JPat Stevens for holding every thing together one more year.

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