A Map Of the Complete Big Bat LiDAR Data

This is latest map of the LiDAR data for Big Bat Cave.  The RED passage is from the 2017 Big Bat LiDAR 24 Hour Project Data.  The blue splatter mark is the Mushroom entrance and the green splatter mark is the Natural Entrance.  The passage required the longest travel times and muddiest crawls (Funky Hollow) and we still got the data collected.  A big Thank You to all of the volunteers that collected the data and to Paige Wilson at QK4 for processing the data set and connecting it to the existing cave data.  We are now at 2.7 miles of  LiDARed passage.  Paige will be leaving the project this year to pursue her education in biology in Canada.  Her contributions and dedication will be missed.  Thank You to all of the volunteers that have gotten us this far.

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