Chloe and Abbie

Chloe and Abbie are taking a break in Big Bat as the teams change.  It takes two and a half hours to get to their break place in Big Bat Cave.  In a lot of Big Bat there just isn’t any place to rest that is out of the mud.  Chloe was seventeen and Abbie nineteen.  Abbie and I met on the Appalachia Trail.  She completed the trail on her own.  This was her first cave trip.  Chloe has been caving in Big Bat’s cold and mud for several years.  Both girls put in a hard days work collecting LiDAR scans with five hours of travel time that includes mud, crawling, water, crawling in water and mud and some walking in mud or water.  They both have to carry a pack with enough gear to stay alive in an emergency.  They are what amaze me about this project.  People that young with nothing but the chance to do it are working in a very harsh place for no money and no apparent reward.  I can’t help but to be inspired and hopeful.  These are some tough kids.

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