LiDAR Selfie

The Big Bat LiDAR Project has been going on for the last four years.  The goal is to create a point cloud of the cave.  Big Bat has approximately fourteen miles of passage so it will take a little while to get it finished.  We currently have almost three miles of passage in point cloud data.  As we get further from the entrance it takes longer to collect the data and the amount of passage collected gets smaller.  In 2017 we collected .62 miles of passage.  The hope is that we get a little more than that this year.  2017 saw a lot of rain and Big Bat is a flood cave.  We gave up some prime collecting dates to avoid drowning so it seemed like a fair trade.  So what is this project really about.  For me it is being able to give a chance to young caver/scientists to work with technology in one of the harshest environments.  Now that is a line on your resume.  Volunteers also have access to the data for research projects.  Mainly it is about protecting Kentucky’s magnificent underground wilderness for the future.

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